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3D Leather Wall Panels

15.06.18 11:20 AM By Sajjan Kumar

All About Of 3D Leather Wall Panels

3D Leather Wall Panels
3D Leather wall panels have a special 4 layer construction starting from Fire Retardant PVC Board, followed by PU Foam, Faux (PU) Leather, and finally a water resistant surface. It’s in built soft cushioning gives a sense of comfort as well as a feel of luxury to the decor.Wall affairs in its effort of providing the best possible interior products to decorate the interiors of Indian market. 3D leather Wall Panels are outwardly energizing and beautifying installations of walls. A component wall in 3D leather wall panels is the most trans formative thing you can do to any room, giving an inescapable feel of spellbinding class and eminence. They are soft to touch, glossy to look at and reliable to use, this kind of creative product is composted by three layers: environmental PU leather on surface, foamed polyurethane layer in middle and water-proof PVC tile on back. Leather wall arts are designed with many fashionable patterns and textures in 3D leather surfaces which bring noble and elegance sense to your space. Some of the leather wall designs in decorative diamond-like glasses mounted finish, they look sparkling with creative lighting. 
This is our newest product known to be as faux leather wall panel. 
All the material is readily available in stock which is our basic tact of doing business which is availability. 
All material is used by making advanced technology to ensure durability of the product. 
Enquiries regarding dealerships and stockings are always welcomed at our end.

Installation process is surprisingly simple.
The 3D leather panels can be installed permanently on the wall, or as temporary modular panels that can be removed from the wall at any time.

1. Measure the area, decide on a layout and mark the wall.

2. Using regular hot glue gun, drop a few melted hot glue dabs on the corners, and the center (back side of the tile) and press the tile to the wall. (We would suggest using “No more nails” adhesive, sold in tubes or “Power Grab” adhesive).

3. Hold it for about a minute to let the glue harden and cool.


  • Start at the center of the area you are planning to cover.
  • Hold it for about a minute to let the glue harden and cool.
  • Take four tiles and mark the point where the four corners of the four tiles will intersect at the center. Install first four tiles by following steps one through three. Once you have finished installing the first four tiles continue working your way around them.

  • Smooth finish
  • Color fastness
  • Shrink resistant nature
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Fire Retardant PVC Board used as base
  • Can be used long term in wet, dry hot and cold environments
  • Does not have any unpleasant odor and is resistant to water, oil and static.
  • Made up of unique Self-cleaning, anti-aging, anti-fading and wear resistant material.
  • The base of the product is PVC foam board with high density making this beautiful product pure waterproof and damp proof. 

Sajjan Kumar

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